Really Bad Poetry- Raw

Naked and alone

Staring at the pieces of my shattered life

No one to walk with me, on my own

Drowning for a moment in my hollow strife


In the heavy, hot silence

No one hears my muffled screams

Replaying the visions of unrestrained violence

Uncertain of reality and what is born from dreams


My hands are clammy and shaking

I reach out at the shadow of my former glory

“Come back” I sob, my body quaking

I curl up and release the cries of visions, all gory


It’s time to let go

I’m ready and waiting

I realise you won’t know

My breath I am baiting


I sink deeper into the pool of despair

The water is warm and comforting

My current state is beyond repair

I think I am too far gone to be forgiven


I am naked, I am raw

I am bleeding and scared


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