Rolling with the Punches- My take on Relationships

The Ship of Emotion- My journey on the Sea

There is a storm raging in my heart
My little ship of sanity is tossed and torn in the winds of lust and hate
The storm hit so suddenly, there was no time to prepare
I salvage what I can and carry on, battered and bruised but a survivor

In the calm of the morning, I sail in the sea of expectancy
My flag flies high and I am excited for the journey ahead
My ship rocks in motion with the undulating sea and we move ahead in unison
As the waves of passion lick against the bough, the winds of hope fills our sail and plough forward into the oceans of discovery and young love

As the day drags on, the wind dies down and the once caressing waves calm and still
In the heat of the day, the suns rays make the journey ahead unbearable
Shedding light on our faults; my insecurities, your inexperience
My mouth is dry and throat is parched from words unspoken
There is no wind, there is no movement, there is no change
We sit idly waiting for a catalyst

In the haziness of the twilight, things are uncertain
The flames of passion have stirred again in the loins of our journey
Reconnected with the winds of change and waves which are beating on the boat with a sense of urgency
The clouds of impending closure are rolling in and it’s our last desperate attempt at keeping the ship on track

The storm comes violently and does not hold back
The fury of nature and our raging emotions
Your blow lights up the sky and the electric shock strikes me down
Our ship shatters against the jagged rocks of our failed relationship



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