Really Bad Poetry- Men


I shared your greatest hour, I felt your deepest pain
I was there when you were fighting your battles
Celebrated in your successful gain

But where were you?

I held you during your heart-wrenching sorrow
Played with you, as a child would a friend
My passions and energy you did borrow

But where were you?

Now I lie bleeding in a pool of insecurity
For every thing I gave, I never got an inch in return
My heart lay vulnerable to your judge and jury

There you were

Wearing your well-pressed suit of narcissism
You tried me, persecuted me with your own fabricated evidence
Judged for not conceding to your personal schism

Where was I?

I thought the road was better travelled between us
Thought our load lighter as we shared
Turns out I was but a passenger on your ill-fated bus

Here I am

Stronger for having survived you



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