Really Bad Poetry- Untitled

He bids me to the water’s edge
His alluring melody fills my soul
His youthful charm, like laughter on the wind

I climb into his boat
My age denies me caution and fear
I trust his soulful eyes, I hear his loving song

He lays me down in his boat
My trembling subsides, he overpowers my senses
My heart races, my head swims

The darkness rolls in thick and fast
Crushing my breast, consuming his lust
All that was light is gone
All that was love is wrong

He lays me down on the rived bed
Amongst the reeds
My soul now dances with the breeze


One thought on “Really Bad Poetry- Untitled

  1. It is kind of bad and good, but it does give that sense of a talent you might have ! I myself write sometimes and while reading the lines back, i am excited at few and confused at others !!! These just reminded me of mine.

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